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Make Mondays the
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Work at the Agency

Working at the Dean Ballenger Agency is an incredible experience. We have a team of truly exceptional people that genuinely care for one another, and relationships are key to everything we do – both with our customers and with our team members. Being part of our team means you’ll have the opportunity to work at one of the fastest growing insurance agencies in Hamilton County. The reason for that is simple — it’s due to our outstanding customer service and the consistent WOW factor we deliver.

Who You’d Work With

Although you’d be an employee of the Dean Ballenger Agency, you would be accountable to the entire Team with your primary responsibility in customer service. Our team is one of the most enjoyable groups of people to work with around. They have amazing hearts and do an outstanding job of putting each other first, and by connecting well with our customers. Everyone at the agency considers working here a blessing, including myself!

Upping Your Game

We’re serious about helping you become excellent with your new skills. Yes, you’ll learn to work with three monitors, but we also want to fill your toolbox with more. Serving people and selflessly putting others’ needs above your own through an insurance transaction isn’t easy. Ongoing training is part of our business model, ensuring everyone continues to feel successful and our clients continue to receive the best service. To sum it up, we want you coming to work feeling like you’re awesome at what you do and maximizing your skills, gifts, and abilities.

Required Experience

None. Yep, that’s right. You don’t need any insurance industry experience, certifications, licenses, or prior work history. One of the primary prerequisites for working at the agency is demonstrating a willingness to learn and genuinely put others’ needs before your own. You may not think customer service work can be impactful or make a difference, but it can and it does. We truly don’t see this as a job or career – we see it as a calling and mission we get to be a part of!

Family First

We all have different seasons of life we’re going through. If you need to leave early, ask. If your kids have a program at school, you should be there. Your team is behind you, and we all expect the same in return. You must ALWAYS put your family before the agency, because that’s where they belong. We’ve always taken this seriously. If a family member call’s or text in the middle of the day while you’re at work, and you need to be with that family member – do it! If your child is sick at home, and you need to be at home with them – stay home! Our agency will always support you putting your family first because you’re a vital member of our team. Everyone at the Dean Ballenger Agency chooses to love you and your family before loving the work you do.

About Our Community

We try hard to make a substantial, positive difference in the lives of those in our community. Partnering up with local charities is one way we help our community and not just our existing clients. Do you have a charity or cause that you hold dear to your heart? We certainly do, and here are of some of the ones we are passionate – Open Doors, Young Life, Prevail, Student Impact of Westfield.

Branding our agency isn’t something we just do from our desk — it takes place as we team up with our community. Getting involved in Food Truck Fridays, the Westfield Egg Drop, and the Grand Park Home & Living Show are just a few of the ways we connect.


We set up our bonus plan based on the number of families we impact in our community. Everyone on the Team, including you, has the opportunity to share in the financial benefits for the work put in. This bonus is on top of the hourly rate.

Retirement Plan + Christmas Bonus + Performance Bonus


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