It’s funny how we look and think sometimes, let me give you an example:

Just think about how many things we put off because we believe it will cost too much or take to long. Take Life insurance, for example, too many people (2 in 3 adults) think life insurance is ten times more expensive than it is.

 September is Life Insurance Awareness Month

 Life is too Short

At the end of this month, my wife and I will head out west to spend time with family for a celebration of life. At the age of 17, my niece was healthy and full of life. That was the year she caught the H1N1 flu virus that took her from us too quickly. This year marks ten years since she has passed. It will be a celebration of life, but also a time to comfort my brother-in-law and sister-in-law.

As an agency, we are very passionate when it comes to insurance, which includes Life Insurance. We understand how quickly life happens. Never did I ever imagine losing my joyful niece so early, but it happened. Don’t let the hustle and bustle of life get in the way of getting the right coverage.

Happy Wife, Happy Life

I know what it’s like at the end of the day when my wife asks, did you get a chance to call or talk to _____ today? Fill in the blank with any name; it doesn’t matter who it is family, friend, work-related, or whatever it may be. My head down response, “Oh shoot, sorry, no, I didn’t.” Thinking to myself, how much easier it would be if by some luck they would call me. Knowing in the back of my mind that I’d rather give my wife the, “Yes honey, I did.” response with a smile and head held high.

Time gets away from us, and keeping in touch with friends and family that are far from us can be tricky. Time also slips away when it comes to getting all your errands ran and checked off the “To Do” List. Don’t let a call about insurance be lingering on the list. When you need it, it’ll be too late.

Your Lucky Day

 Well, we are turning the tables a little bit for you. We want to be your lucky phone call, so that when your wife asks, “Honey, did you call about the insurance today?”. You can reply with that head up response!

As your friend in the insurance business, we’ve added a new employee Danielle Dunn. She is your resource and our Renewal Specialist. Danielle will be reaching out to make sure we are keeping up with the changes in your life and your coverage – Home Insurance, Auto Insurance, Boat Insurance, and everything else we have bundled in your portfolio.

When the unexpected does happen to us, it truly changes our timelines and our perspective. That’s why I have asked Danielle to include the “Life Insurance” question when she is calling for your annual review.

You may have a life policy through work, but can you take that with you should you leave that job? Since we already have your other policies, it is quick and easy for us to work up a life insurance quote. This policy would be your own and not contingent on a job or other circumstances.

A Note from Dean,

I am also available to meet with you in our office, over the phone, or I can come out and sit down at your kitchen table to answer questions. You choose which option works best for you. Not matter which way we talk, let’s talk because it’s about life, and life is essential.