Have you ever thought or dreamed if I was a NFL or NBA player or that when I am a successful business person, that you would give enough money to something you are passionate about to make a difference. You can do that, with Life insurance as well.

Even if you are Young, Healthy and Single there are many reasons for Life insurance. If you have student loans and/or a car payment and your parents co-signed for your loans? When you pass, unfortunately your debt doesn’t. That debt will be left on the co-signers shoulders to take care. This is generally a close family member such as a parent or sibling. The last thing you should want for them is to bear the burden of your outstanding debt. In some cases, such as school loan debt, this can be a substantial amount of money to pass off to the one who was trying to help you get your start in Life. With a life insurance policy, money will be paid out toward these outstanding debts. This will relieve the impact that would be left for your loved ones.

While you may not be married, does anyone depend on your income for any reason? Anyone who depends on your assets or income to live the way they do now, could be reason enough to have life insurance. This could be a child, a roommate or even a relative.

Many young singles consider life insurance to be for the older generation, as they are more likely to need it. However, most of us are much bigger risk taker while we are young. That is why you should take advantage of getting life insurance now, while you are healthy enough to qualify? At any moment a condition or illness could alter your health, leaving you ineligible for life insurance or with very high rates.