Our Top 10 Moments from 2019 in no particular order

10 – This was BIG for us, Hosting our first annual Flag Day picnic & Flag give away. Thank you to all who boys scouts that passed out new Flags.
9 – Starting our referral give back program #YouWeThey
Prevail, Inc Student Impact of Westfield, Open Doors of Washington Township, Westfield Young Life.
8 – Hitting 150 Google Reviews with a (5.0 Rating)
7 – Being a part of the Suburban Indy Shows and getting to shared tickets with all of you.
6 – Having over one hundred of our clients refer us to friends and family. Again, thank you so much.
5 – Staying on top of industry changes at the PIA & ISAOA conferences
4 – Gave $6500+ to local charity’s (our biggest giving year yet)
3 – Launched @flatagents on Instagram
2 – Joining Nspire Church for not only their Westfield Easter Egg Drop but also The Westfield Trunk or Treat
1 – Jared beating Christian in the office cornhole tourney 21 – 0