When you think of car insurance, what do you think is covered?

If you said stuff outside the car, you’d be right.

If you said stuff inside the car, you’d be wrong.

Surprised? Let us explain.

In the event of an accident, collision or inclement weather, any damage done to the car can be covered by a car insurance policy. However, your personal belongings inside the car at the time of event are not covered. This means that if your car were to get broken into, that busted window could be covered, but anything stolen, likely the bigger loss, is not. Perhaps a better, more gut-wrenching example is this: if your car is burglarized or even if you get into a serious wreck resulting in your iPhone, iPad and laptop getting stolen or destroyed, these items are not covered. So then, where is it covered? Oddly enough, your renter’s policy. Your renter’s policy will follow you everywhere, even behind the wheel, when it comes to your personal belongings. This is great news…for those who have renter’s insurance. You may be thinking to yourself “Well, perfect! I have renter’s insurance through my complex!” However, more often than not, the insurance you receive through your complex only covers the building, not your personal belongings. And if your personal belongings are not covered through your renter’s policy, then they certainly won’t be covered behind the wheel. What most people don’t realize is to add personal property coverage to a renter’s policy is a matter of a few dollars per month. A few dollars in exchange for peace of mind with your stuff. Anywhere, anytime.