At least in the insurance world.

Parents, the moment your teen celebrates their 15th birthday, the wheels in your head are already turning. “What car will be reliable and affordable, when can they start driver’s training and the biggest one…holy cow my baby is driving!” One of the first calls parents make is to their insurance company. They are eager to add the new, inexperienced driver to their auto policy as soon as they get that permit in their hands. And typically parents hang up from that call pleasantly surprised. Their baby may be driving, but for now, they get to do it for free.

Legally, your teen can now drive a vehicle with the permit issued to them. However, due to them not having an actual driver’s license, nearly all auto insurance companies do not require that they be added to your auto policy. This means that, yes, your teen driver with their learner’s permit can drive and be fully covered with no additional cost. Once they become a licensed driver that will change, but for the time period before that, your current premium includes and covers them as well. We recommend you take advantage of this time – as they may not be so cheap down the road.

Watch for our next blog which will include tips on how to save money with teen drivers in your household.