Valentines Day doesn’t have to be about spending big money on a fancy dinner and extravagant gifts.  There are other ways to fill your loved ones “love tank.” Here are some ideas to get your imagination jump-started:

14 Ideas of Showing your Love

  1. Write something you appreciate about your kids, spouse, family member and put it on their bedroom door.  Add a new heart each day until Valentine’s Day
  2. Valentines scavenger hunt – whether it be around the house or town go out for a hunt.  Dad’s and son’s, send your wife and daughter out following clues to a spot to meet for a Valentines Dinner.
  3. Before bed leave a message on the bathroom mirror.  (Doesn’t have to be with lipstick, other things write on mirrors too: dry erase marker, Expo Marker, soap)
  4. Make a “Love” sign with handprints and footprints. Your little ones only stay little for a short amount of time.

    “Love” sign from the kids

  5. Leave a note for someone where they wouldn’t expect it.  Or you could mail a handwritten note as well, in a world of electronics getting mail is often unexpected.  Not just for loved ones, but colleagues, your child’s teacher, friends, etc.
  6. Volunteer your time for a holiday event or just an event happening around the holiday: classroom party, food pantry, a team at church,
  7. Trade babysitting nights with another couple.  You watch their kids one night so they can enjoy a date night, then swap on a future night.
  8. Heart shaped food:  pancakes, bacon, cookies, Rice Krispie Treats, Pizza, (get creative!) 

    Heart Pancakes

  9. Have a fruit basket on the counter? Write a message on your fruit: “Orange you we are together?” “I am Bananas for you!” “We make a great Pear!” “You are the apple of my eye!”
  10. Use heart gummies or marshmallows & toothpicks to have family tower building contest.  If using marshmallows, when your done dunk them in some hot chocolate and what a movie together (2 for 1 idea)

    Tower building contest

  11. Pay it Forward – In a drive-thru line pay for the person who drove up behind you.
  12. Go to a bookstore and browse the isles.  Find places you’d love to go. Things you’d love to see. Languages you’d love to learn.  Events you’d love to learn more about. Share with your significant other. Be creative with your bookstore:  Barnes & Nobles you could double the date up with a coffee, or Books & Brews you could grab an adult beverage and play a board game.  Bookstores aren’t boring!
  13. Revisit your vows.  Write a “Why I love you” letter.
  14. Make a playlist of individual songs and play it while making dinner together, having a family game night, relaxing by the fireplace — music pairs nicely with many things.