Have you or someone you know had a water claim?  Your sump pump fails and next thing you know you have a basement full of water.  Or you are out of town in the winter and the temperature drops, have you been worried about your pipes freezing?

We have a free opportunity for you to look into.  All you need is a Smartphone and Wi-Fi in your home.

NEW technology called Roost is available to all of our policy holders.  Roost is a smart detector to help you detect a water event in your home.  The detector monitors changes in temperature and humidity within your home. The idea is that it can help minimize claims because you will receive alerts on your phone when there are significant changes in your home.

Do these scenarios ring a bell?

So say that you have an event to attend one evening, or maybe all weekend.  Before you head out you notice that storms are looming in your area, and you hope your sump pump will be able to handle the extra water.  With Roost you can stick the detector in your basement while you are out to monitor the temperature and humidity.  If significant changes are detected you may not be able to stop it entirely, but you would have the information to be able to call for someone to check on the problem soon.

Maybe it’s not the sump pump you are worried about, but rather your pipes while visiting family for Christmas.  You can move your completely mobile Roost detector near pipes you are most concerned about to monitor temperature changes.

Perhaps this one sounds familiar, you have young kids and periodically they flush things down the toilet that shouldn’t go down the toilet.  Or possibly your little one is potty training and experimenting with how much toilet paper to use.  Roost could sit right in your bathroom as an “extra pair of eye”.

Get one for your home

If you are interested in getting a free Roost for your home, now is the time.  Winter will be here before we know it!  Please Contact Us and we will get you one for your home.


For any technical questions, please contact Roost:

Send an email to Support@getroost.com – or – call toll free 1-888-446-1365, 8am-9pm EST



Download the App

After you let us know that you would like a Roost to monitor temperature and humidity in your home don’t forget to download the app.  Look at the picture below so you know which app to get.

Roost App