Calling all do-it-yourselfers!  Moving can be stressful and expensive. There are many affordable options available for the go getters out there to get yourself or a loved ones moved.  No matter where you turn you can find a rental place with a variety of options to fill your moving needs: 

Do these moving scenarios ring any bells?

  • Your son calls and asks for your help moving across town to his new apartment.
  • Your daughter just landed a job five states away. You are making the big road trip together and you need to rent a truck.
  • You just bought a new riding lawn mower and it’s too big to fit in your car. Instead of paying a delivery fee and waiting until the mower can be delivered,  you decide to get a rental truck from Home Depot and pick up your new toy right away.
  • Your Mom and Dad are downsizing and they need your help getting things moved to their new place.

You’re asking yourself: Will I be covered when I rent a truck from U-Haul, Ryder, Penske, Budget, etc…?

We get it…insurance can be confusing, so here’s the answer to one of the most common questions we get here at the Agency. We’ve already covered what you need to know about renting a car, but what’s the deal when you need to rent a moving truck/trailer? Rental trucks come in many different sizes. Our guess is that whichever size you choose, you may be a little intimidated since the truck is much bigger than the vehicle you drive every day.  Of course, the rental company will offer you an option to include additional insurance coverage in the rental agreement.

Do you need to get the insurance offered through the rental company?

The simple answer: the coverage you have on your personal vehicle with your current policy will provide the same coverage on your selected rental truck, provided the truck has only one rear axle (just like your own personal vehicle); double axle trucks are a different scenario. Your personal auto insurance will have you covered for liability claims and, if you have collision, and comprehensive coverage for any damage to the rental truck.

However, this question is not as simple as it seems. There are some advantages to using the rental company’s coverage, as it can sometimes eliminate your deductible or waive the cost of the loss of use. Keep in mind, these trucks are much taller than your average personal vehicle and may be something you are uncomfortable driving. Our rule of thumb is “if you’re nervous about driving it: get the extra insurance” saving yourself from the potential deductible should a loss occur.

We know you have heard “call before you dig;” we recommend you “call before you rent.”


One Rear Axle Vehicles

1 Rear Axel


Two+ Rear Axle Vehicles

4 Rear Axels


Contact your local agent for specific questions about concerning your policy and the truck you chose.