Remember that time when putting your child on the bus for the first time was terrifying and gave you anxiety?  Well, putting your young driver behind the wheel of a car will make that experience seem super easy.
There’s no way of getting around it, and it’s completely terrifying knowing that your teenage son or daughter is driving a car.

A simple solution to help ease your anxiety is to set a good example when you drive.  Do you wait until you’re parked, to answer that call or respond to that text? If so, your child is more likely to resist those impulses too.
Most kids do their best to drive safely, and they also want to grow up and be like their parent(s). Meaning if it’s OK for you, it’s OK for them. If you’re concerned about your child texting while driving, you shouldn’t text and drive either.
Remember, your kids are always watching, so let’s all set a good example behind the wheel!