Welcome to May, Hoosiers! The first month of sunshine, warm days and of course, the Indy 500. Like many other Hoosiers, you likely have plans to attend the 100th running of the Indy 500 and ring summer in right. But no Hoosier expects to ring it in by losing just that…their ring.

Ladies, picture you and your husband at the Indy 500. You’re enjoying the race with friends and the last thing on your mind is all the reasons you could lose the diamond ring on your finger. But unfortunately, there is a lot working against you – you’re sweating from the sun, the cold beverage in your hand is dripping condensation, and the sunscreen has made your skin slick. Your favorite driver makes his final lap, winning the race. Now your hands are in the air and for the first time today you notice one thing is missing, that beautiful ring that usually lives on your left hand. Now you and your husband are left wondering what the next steps are toward getting it replaced. This is where your homeowner’s insurance could save the day.

With a scheduled personal property endorsement on your homeowner’s policy, this loss of your ring is covered. However, this is only if the endorsement has been applied. In a very different situation, if a house fire occurred and your ring was destroyed, your homeowner’s policy will cover that up to a certain dollar amount without the endorsement. However, in situations similar to that at the Indy 500, the endorsement will need to be in place to cover losing it while out and about.

So, as you prepare your race day to-do list, be sure to call your agent to get your ring, or any other valuables you may wear, scheduled as an endorsement to your homeowner’s policy. This way, the day of celebrating your favorite driver’s victory can remain a day of celebration.