If you are a non-handy homeowner, there is no doubt that you rely on contractors. That’s why this month is a great time to talk about a Certificate of Insurance ( COI), for your safety and your financial security. When having any project or repair done around your house, you should be Requesting a (COI) up front. This can help you in situations that could safeguard against the unforeseen losses, reducing your liability risk and increasing your chance of avoiding a insurance claim on your homeowners policy. Make sure the COI is current for the dates they will be working at your property and you are listed as the certificate holder down at the bottom left corner. Also that it is sent form the his agent. A unsigned or out date COI will do you no good and could leave you without the protection you think you have because the policy coverage could lapsed and on longer in place.

Make sure to look at their reviews online for comments like this, 

My contractor took every precautions while at my home to always made sure the work area was left in a neat and secure. We found a issue and they came right back out and got the repair done with in 48 hrs. Keep  work and be sure your employees are well-versed in the dangers of the job. We have a neighborhood full of kids and they always keep the children a safe distance from where they were working.z