It’s incredible how little things can sometimes turn into big things to someone else.

What started as a simple conversation between Dean Ballenger and Adam Hoffman, two long time friends. Talking about an appreciation luncheon for Westfield employees turned out to be a much-needed get-together for some.

Like a lot of other people, some of the city employees are working from home. While this sounds good to many, not everyone was excited to be home still. What started as a simple lunch turned in to much more.

Like most places you work, you develop work relationships and make friends, and based on the interaction of people getting to see other people face-to-face, there are a lot of friends working for the City of Westfield. It was a much-needed get together for some. While every employee who came to the lunch had on a mask, you could see the smile even behind the mask.

So on a day that the agency set out to serve and bless others, what we witnessed was a blessing to us