There is no doubt about the important role mothers play in our lives. From cheering the loudest on the soccer game sidelines, to bandaging up scrapes and bruises, to helping build that volcano for the science fair – mom has always been there. And for most of us, she’s the reason we turned out half way decent as adults! So, for this Mother’s Day, we would like to offer some ideas about things you can do for mom that say “I love you” and “thanks for everything.”


  1. Wake up early and make her breakfast. If there’s one thing moms like more than waking up to a clean kitchen, it’s waking up to breakfast in bed (assuming you clean the kitchen after making it of course). What’s her favorite breakfast food? Pancakes? Eggs over-easy? Whip that up for her and start her day out right, feeling loved and with a full belly!
  2. Do a few chores. One of the many hats that moms wear include that of a personal butler at times. Wear that hat for a day. What chore does she dislike most? Whether its vacuuming, dishes, laundry or whatever else, take over that role for her! And gentlemen, remember, don’t mix colors and whites! 🙂
  3. Rent her favorite movie. Sometimes the nicest thing to do for moms is allowing them some relaxation! To the mom in your life, letting her kick up her heels with her favorite movie might be the best gift she could ask for. Also, if you go this route, rent a separate movie to occupy the little ones while mom relaxes.
  4. Surprise her with Starbucks. Who doesn’t love Starbucks? With the awesome new frappe flavors out like Caramel Waffle Cone and S’mores, grab her a Venti (the big one, gentlemen) to satisfy her sweet tooth and her caffeine cravings. This may be best served alongside the breakfast in bed!
  5. Tell her what she deserves to hear. On Mother’s Day it’s natural to wish your mom a Happy Mother’s Day. But what else does she need to her? I love you, mom. Thank you for everything. You are beautiful. I appreciate you. I am blessed to have you as a mother. These might be good places to start.

Whatever you choose to do for the mother figures in your life, we hope she feels as loved and appreciated as she deserves. From the Dean Ballenger Agency, Happy Mother’s Day!