House hunting during COVID can have its benefits. 

While the competition for the houses in our area is starting to pick up, some people are still taking a wait-and-see approach. While starting your hunt virtually at home can be beneficial. Driving through neighborhoods can help in the process as well. Once the crisis passes, there may be more house hunters back on the market. Prices may escalate due to a more competitive market that benefits sellers rather than buyers, so taking a few steps forward could be the right move.

Showing the Buyer Your Ready

When you find that home of your dreams, you will want the seller to know you are a serious buyer. To do that, get a mortgage pre-approval before you begin house hunting. A mortgage pre-approval is a letter from a lender that indicates how much you are qualified to borrow and puts the seller at ease when accepting your offer. Without it, your offer may not get accepted.

Some lenders are available to meet with you online, having everything necessary to make the mortgage pre-approval process go smoothly. Gather your income information (W-2 statements from the last two years and recent pay stubs), asset information (bank statements, and investment account reports), and your identification.

Research is the Key

Take time to research the areas you want to move too. Is it close to work? Are the amenities you often use close enough? The area’s home values and the average selling prices for the type of home you are interested in purchasing. Finally, if you don’t know a realtor, ask us. We work with some of the top-rated realtors in the area. And we would be happy to recommend one. 

Virtual Home Viewing

Many real estate agents post virtual tours of properties for sale on their websites and YouTube. When you take a virtual tour or attend a virtual open house, you can get a realistic view of the property. Then, with a click of the mouse, you can see all the essential details. Also, by touring homes virtually, you can see many more than would be possible in a single day with your real estate agent.