We are on to our third stop for the #InsuranceHomeTour2020, and this time we are talking everything Sump Pump related! Spring is almost here, and living in Indiana, you know that spring means rain. With excess rain, there is often flooding, and sometimes that means flooding in your basement, which is not the place we’d like to see the water go.

As we discussed when you were on the hunt for water shut-off valves, unexpected water in your house can cause significant damage. It can get quite costly too when you look into drying out, replace & replacing things.

Sump Pump

How Sump Pumps Work

For those of you who don’t know, here is some basic information about how your Sump Pump works. I can tell you that when I was a new homeowner, I didn’t know if I had one or not, and certainly didn’t know where it was. I knew I could go to YouTube to figure out how to troubleshoot easy issues, but that is where the knowledge ended. So if you are like me, just know there are more people in the same boat!

Sump Pumps remove excess water that accumulates in a “sump basin” in your basin. This basin collects groundwater or drain water, and the sump pump is there to keep water moving and make sure the basin doesn’t overflow. When it overflows, that is when you have an issue and could be looking at a flooded basement.

Keep an Eye on your Sump Pump

We can’t change the weather, but you can be proactive about keeping your Sump Pump in good condition. Things to keep an eye on, or consider when thinking about your Sump Pump

  • Keep valve clear of dirt and debris
  • Check on it if it has been continually running
  • No battery backup? We just talked about power outages and being ready for one, part of being prepared is a battery backup.
  • Leaking from around the basin


If you are experiencing any of those issues, reach out to have your Sump Pump inspected and any repairs or replacements made before the problem worsens. I’m telling you, replacing your Sump Pump costs less and your deductible and is far less of a headache than a flooded basement would be. A proactive home maintains really does help in the long run.


Does everyone in your house know where the Sump Pump is? If it isn’t working and we are getting a significant amount of rain, do they know how to reset it or turn on a backup energy source? I fall back to the babysitter example. If you were out of the night and your sump pump failed, wouldn’t it be awesome to have your kids know how to check on it and be able to call you if they noticed something was wrong?

Get the family together and take a picture near that ugly sump pump, or something sump pump related.

Be creative with this! Think of ways to share the information with others in your household! Watch a YouTube video and snag a selfie while doing that. The prize isn’t for most creative; it’s for getting your family involved.  

Post your picture to our page and include #InsuranceHomeTour2020 for your chance to win a prize. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for cut off dates.

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