Is your roof leaking?

Welcome to Spring & Early Summer in the Mid-West, which means the possibility of severe weather. For us, in Indiana, it is this time of year that we are most alert about weather conditions.

It is often that during these storms we see hail too.  This happened here in Central Indiana on Saturday, March 28. We had a big storm surge blow through. Bringing with it strong winds, hail, and heavy rain and possible damage to cars and homes.

Should you have your roof inspected. Yes, when you feel comfortable doing so. You should not feel it has to be done now. We want to make sure you realize there’s no sense of urgency based on the size of hail we got in most of our neighborhoods. With the amount of wind and rain from this past weekend there’s a very good chance, that if you were going to have any interior damage they would already have it. We have someone going out to look at a client’s house this week because they already had water come in from the storm. We are advising my clients not to let people on their roofs right now unless there are missing shingles or there is a water issue-leak. Another good way for you the homeowner to check if you have damage if they can’t get up and see the top of your roof is to check for other signs. Is there any signs of damage to mailboxes or any damage to your downspout.

My wife is a nurse and I want to protect her and everyone doing what she does. I feel that everyone should be taking what’s going on seriously and not allowing people to come to their house. Our agency is considered essential and all my staff could be working from the office but they’re not. They’re working from home and protecting their family.  Let’s all be safe and focus on fixing what is going on right now in our country and our own backyards.

So before you submit a claim, let’s talk.

Advice to keep in your back pocket:

  • Missing Shingles: Should you be missing shingles or have leaks, by all means, give us a call that is an urgent repair, and we can get someone out to help. 
  • 12 months: You have 12 months to turn in a roof claim.  No need to take care of this right now amidst the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Cold weather & Brittle Shingles: It’s still chilly outside and having someone up on your roof checking for damage could cause cold, brittle shingles to be damaged. 
  • Signing Paperwork:  You shouldn’t have to sign anything to have someone look at your roof.  Be aware of what you are signing; storm chasers may be trying to lock you into doing business with them.  You may also be giving them the authority to start a claim, when that may not be the route quite yet.
  • Beware of Storm Chasers!  We have great contractors many of our clients have worked with.  Let us know that you would like a referral.

Questions about your coverage? Or just questions in general?  Let us know; we are here to help!