Chilly weather is looming and soon will come the snow.  Instead of blasting the air-conditioner, we will be blasting the defroster to clear up the windshield while heading to work.

Have you ever got that pesky patch of fog on the window that you just can’t get to go away?  This should help!  Check those settings on your console and get it switch over so you can make your commute safely.

  1.       Defrost is on.
  2.       Air speed is turned up.
  3.       Double check your air recycle options!

In the summer you may change this setting to keep the cool air in your vehicle and just recycle it.  It keeps the interior of the vehicle cooler. However, in the winter it causes us much grief!

Make sure you have chosen the option to pull in fresh air.  Those foggy windows won’t go away until it is getting fresh air. WHY, you ask?

Recirculated air is just that, it is our breathe and air already in the vehicle being recycled.  Our breathe has moisture in it. Water from snowy or wet boots is evaporating and making the air wet as well.  That moisture is landing on our windshield and surrounding windows making it hard to see out. It’s just condensation.

Condensation and safe driving doesn’t go together.  Check your settings on your console as the seasons are changing so you are ready.  The morning is coming when you will head off to work or school and see someone driving down the road looking out a small clear area of the windshield as they are battling to keep clear. Be a good neighbor and share this free tip.