To-Do List

Was your honey-do list getting big? Did you not get everything before winter came? Have some home projects you’ve been thinking about, but didn’t know when you’d have time? Check out our COVID-19 To-Do List:

  • Swap the cars in for regular maintenance checks.
  • Go through your closet and find your inner Maria Kondo
  • Fix those downspouts and drains around the house
  • Read a book (or a few)
  • Rearrange a room, give it a new feel 
  • Limb up some trees that may be extending close to your house (or your neighbors)
  • Replace batteries in smoke detectors
  • Teach the kids about key things at home: breaker box, sump pump, water valves, how to open the garage when the power goes out
  • Enjoy these moments

It seems to be easier to set aside time to start a big project, use your time now for the detail work. Make the best of the added time at home get creative. There is no better time than now!