May 18, 2018 is National Bike to Work Day

Wow it’s finally that time of year. Bikes are tuned up and your  helmets still fit. Your ready to hit the road. Well maybe not so fast. In April we shared posts about Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Whether you are biking alone or with your family, our busy streets may seem a bit more overwhelming. Especially since the number of accidents due to distracted driving is every increasing which makes even an avid cyclist a little nervous on the road let alone a family trying to go out for a summer bike ride.

Here are a few things to think about when hitting the street with your bike:

  1. Helmet: Everyone should be wearing a helmet that fits.  Remember that a crash unplanned is call a accident and everyone should have their head protected.  It’s a quick and easy safety precaution. You are sharing the road with vehicles that are bigger and moving faster than you are. Even taking cars out of the situation, falling over on a bike in your driveway, trail or roadway will hurt.
  2. Reflective Flags:  If you are toting a bike trailer or riding tantum add a reflective flag to your bike set-up to add more visibility.
  3. Reflectors and Lights: Turn it into a family decorating contest to make the reflective gear more exciting.  There are many options when looking into reflectors and lights to wear and mount to your bike.  You can find reflective tape to decorate your helmet with or get spoke lights. When riding at night this is essential.  Check out this fun night: The N.I.T.E. Ride starts at 11:00 pm (at NIGHT!) from City Market and takes you on a tour of downtown Indianapolis, The Indianapolis Children’s Museum, Butler University, Hinkle Fieldhouse, The Indianapolis Museum of Art, IUPUI and Monument Circle. Total route length is between 17 and 20  niteride-registration
  4. The rules of the Rules of the Road have changed:  When reviewing rules of the road with your family and before heading out. “Please stress don’t assume they see you”. Keep in mind Bikes ride with traffic and are responsible for follow the same rules as cars, ride on the right-hand side of the road.  Stop Lights and stop signs do apply to bike riders when they are riding on the road.  If your family is older you can learn hand signals for turning as well.

Most importantly, have fun! John F. Kennedy said it best, “Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.”