It’s important to contact us anytime you have an accident or get a ticketWe get a lot of questions from you, our customers, about what you should do if you have an accident. Sometimes it’s a minor fender-bender and you don’t have a lot of damage, so you don’t call us to file a claim. It’s totally fine that you don’t file a claim anytime you get a scratch. We don’t want to file unnecessary claims for our customers. It can result in increased rates, and sometimes a non-renewal of your policy which nobody wants.

When do you need to call us?

Any time you have an accident of any sort where the police respond or you get a ticket, please contact our agency immediately! The responding officer should have told you that the state requires a form to be completed by your agent (us) within two weeks of the incident. This shows that you had an active policy at the time of the incident, which satisfies the state law that you must carry auto insurance. Even if the police officer takes your insurance information, we still have to file this form for you. The police don’t have access to any systems that show insurance information and they cannot file the necessary BMV paperwork.

If this compliance form isn’t electronically filed with the BMV within two weeks of any ticket or accident, your license can be suspended. No one wants that to happen! Any license suspension can be especially problematic if you have a CDL.

Why does the BMV need proof if the police copied my insurance information?

This is a frequently asked question. The insurance card shows that you had coverage on the date the policy started or renewed. It doesn’t show whether the policy is still in effect. Therefore, by submitting this form, you prove to the BMV that you had insurance in place at the time of the incident.

Please call us anytime you have an accident or get a ticket. We can give you guidance about whether you should file a claim, refer you to excellent, reputable body shops, and then file the BMV form as needed.

The Indiana Department of Motor Vehicles (BMV) has an excellent page on their website that describes what you need to do in case of an accident. The state recommends to call the police if there are any injuries or if the damage to the property appears to be more than $1000.

Please don’t ever be afraid to call us to let us know that you’ve had an accident or gotten a ticket. Calling us never puts anything “on your record” unless you aren’t filing a claim. We simply need to know when we need to file your BMV compliance form to prevent suspension of your license. Let us help you keep driving happily – and legally.