Have you been in an accident recently? You probably found yourself trying to sort through many details that go hand-in-hand with getting the repairs done. Here is a quick tip to help easy your car repair process.

The idea of needing multiple estimates is an old idea. Nowadays, you really only need one.

Now before you breathe that sigh of relief and move on, we have some more tips to share about this too.

Research the Body Shop

Thanks to Google and other review sites, you can read about other people’s experiences with a body shop. Reading about experiences with their workmanship and customer service will give you an idea of what you could experience. If you have a body shop that you already use for repairs, there is really no need to shop. On the contrary, if you need suggestions, we have a few names that have done work for other clients that we consider trustworthy.


Car repair prices keep going up. As more technology comes standard on our vehicles, a simple fender-bender is turning into a costly ordeal. The other side is yes, repairs are getting more expensive, but insurance companies and body shops are aligning their pricing.

With body shops and insurance carriers working together, you get fewer headaches. You don’t have to go to multiple body shops for the lowest estimate, and you don’t have to worry about something not being covered.

If you do choose to get a couple of estimates, that is your choice. When comparing the estimates go line-by-line to make sure you are making an informed decision on which body shop you want to use. Don’t just assure that you are being overcharged.

Disclaimer – Initial Inspection

Now we just mentioned that you really only need one estimate if you have a trusty shop you would like to use. Some carriers use body shops as their initial inspection instead of having an adjuster come out to look at the vehicle. The body shop then reports back to the adjuster on the damages they saw. This doesn’t mean you have to use this body shop for repair. You can still get an estimate from a shop of your choice and get repairs done there.

The insurance industry is always evolving to find more efficient ways to handle business. You have a resource with the Dean Ballenger Agency. We are here to answer any question during your claims experience and help you find dependable body shops.